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`Lamp and Vamp` is a rogue-like game where you`ll play as a Vampire who wants to reach the castle of his dreams.

But the Vampire is alone against the world! You will have to master dark powers to find the way to the grave of each level, where you will get new powers. Choose them wisely if you want to see the castle. Many different ways can lead to victory... but if you fail you`ll die... definitely! Many different ways can lead to victory. Will you be an agressive, flying or invisible Vampire?

The game won the `best game` and `best art` of the in March 2014.

Tom Christiansen,
`Lamp and Vamp is an enjoyable strategy game where players must navigate a vampire to his coffin through a randomly generated neighborhood, while avoiding the local neighborhood watch, determined to catch them. Movement is based on a tile system, each turn the player can move to any adjacent tile, and the vampire hunters also move one tile. The catch is that the vampire hunters have torches and flashlights, and can see ahead. If the vampire is caught in the hunter`s line-of-sight, all the hunters in the neighborhood will converge and attempt to corner the vampire, resulting in death.`

Adam Smith
`It`s a puzzle game in which you play a vampire who is trying to return to his coffin. Pesky townspeople and priests block the way but using your powers (BAT-FORM, MIST-FORM, BLOODSUCKING), you can navigate the streets and find your way home. It`s absolutely splendid.`

And Thomas Schulenberg in
`If there`s one thing that Lamp and Vamp has taught us, it`s that being a vampire is tough.` ^-^

Whats New
The castle is now easier to reach, as the Vampire can be resurrected!
Once you`ve reached the castle, try to survive for as long as possible in order to beat your record.
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