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VR Craft v1.3 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money & Hight Rate Exp] - Game Apk Download

!!! This game requires a Bluetooth controller and a virtual reality headset !!!

The controller needs at least 4 buttons to play in order to jump, place and remove blocks, and one to select other items with. you can (re) assign more buttons in the settings menu.

Ps3 and Ps4 controllers are compatible with Sony smartphones or if your android device is rooted.

Current Features:
• Mine deep into the ground and build complex caves
• Craft your own buildings and structures
• Creative mode gameplay
• Day-night cycle
• Infinite terrain generation
• Compatible with most of Bluetooth gamepads supported by Android
• This game saves automatically, so your buildings will still be there the next time you return!
• 2 world types to explore! a flat and normal world
• You can choose what buttons to use for jumping or removing blocks etc
• Different quality settings to ensure smooth Game Play for most devices
• The ability to fly! you can fly around by holding the chosen jump button to fly towards the place you`re looking.
and stop flying by touching the ground. ( you can also assign 2 buttons to fly up/down with )
• This version also includes a fake arm that is holding the currently selected item
* Chair Mode which replaces the left and right movement for rotation, useful when you don`t have a Swivel chair

Currently only creative mode available.

if you keep experiencing lag after the initial world generation, change some settings in the settings menu by pressing the back button on your phone. (usually bottom right corner of your phone)
especially the Render Distance and the Quality Settings make a huge difference in performance.

Any feedback is welcome, you can contact me on: Durklanghout15@gmail.com or place a review below.

Whats New
The Main Menu is no longer a boring skybox,
now it has been decorated to fit with the game.
Background music been completely redone and is now better than before!
added a respawn button for if you get stuck somewhere.
and a lot of minor bugfixes
*older updates*
Added stair blocks to change elevation without jumping.
Chair mode has been added !
this mode will make it easier for players to play the game when sitting down on a nonrotatable chair.
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    4.4 and up

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