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This "Dragon Nest" hand tour is not the first entry on the mobile platform works, but it is the first real sense of the Dragon Valley hand tour. "Drago Nest", this "Dragon Valley" hand tour fully transported the end of the 3D action core framework and more than 90% of the game commonality. We all know that "Dragon Valley," the game's final point and soul value in the world is unique, there is no second game can move beyond the true action of non-locking combat mechanism, the complete restoration of the end-travel core experience of the new " Dragon Valley "hand tour is more than expected by the former is beyond doubt.

Five new hand tour features:

1. Shock cool action experience: up to seventy kinds of skills, any combination of convergence, with a gorgeous and fun with the move experience

2. classic drama to reproduce: "Dragon Valley" hand tour will restore inherited the Dragon Valley huge world view and deep history, classic world view, characters, the story will be perfect inheritance and wonderful remodeling.

3. Warm and gorgeous style: warm and beautiful art scene, authentic original tour to restore the art style.

4. Deep player interaction: players in the mobile side will be able to have a rich social experience.

5. Rich system settings.

Dragonnest adalah game MMORPG PC besutan kerjasama dari EYDENTITY GAME game dan juga TENCENT GAME yang sangat populer di kalangan Gamer pc, dan sekarang game tersebut sudah tersedia pada Perangkat Android, dengan mempertahankan fitur fiturnya seperti pada PC version, seperti NPC, PVP SYSTEM, dll

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